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Imagine how much more successful your business would be if 20 of the region’s leading entrepreneurs gave up their time freely to help you to drive it forward.

Imagine how much easier and quicker it would be to solve problems and capitalise on opportunities if you could tap into the experience and expertise of over 3,000 other business leaders and professionals across the UK.

Imagine how much more profitable your business would be if you were supported in all of this by some of the world’s leading business thinkers and writers.

Well, now at last you can do all of this and much, much more. Let me explain.

We launched the BBF in 2003 as a completely new type of executive forum for business leaders like you to:
Meet and network with many of the region’s most successful entrepreneurs
Learn their success secrets – and use them to make your business more successful
Discover practical solutions to business problems
Build up an encyclopaedia of practical business growth tools and resources, and
Create an action plan for building your business profitably

Feedback on the BBF so far has included:
“Valued discussion group – hints & tips for increasing income useful”
“Very good & information provided worth acting on”
“Inspirational – I’ve taken a lot of notes and will implement them”
“I am impressed”

It’s important to stress that the BBF is a self-help group for forward thinking business leaders. So, rather than bringing in expensive outside business gurus, the BBF makes the most of the best consultants in the world for your business.... YOU, and other business leaders just like you.

People like you and me who really understand what business is about. People like you and me who have faced and overcome every challenge in the book. People like you and me who get results and make things happen.

Most importantly, people who are willing to get together for two hours every month to share ideas and insights to help each other become even more successful. (Don’t worry, though, you’ll never have to do anything uncomfortable like making a speech – since that’s not how the forum works).

Facilitated by our team of business coaches, who use their experience and insights to kick-start proceedings, each BBF workshop will address the issues that you tell us are most important to the success of your business.

Plus, during the Strategic Board section of the BBF you can also discuss any challenges that you face in your own business.

The BBF starts at 7.30am – usually on a Thursday morning – at The Inn on the Lake, Ockford Road, Godalming, GU7 1RH, and will finish by 9.30am, so that you can still do a full day in the office.

Please click here to see dates – not all meetings take place on the traditional last Wednesday of the month. Tickets for individual Business Builder Forums are usually £10 plus VAT (to cover catering costs etc).

But I am so convinced that you will find the meeting a hugely valuable and enjoyable use of your time that you are invited to attend the first 3 meetings at no cost.

Derek Speller (Founder) and the Churchmill Team

• Our next session will be on Thursday 25th April 2019.
• Come along and join us. You won’t regret it!

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